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TEK 536E - Function.Wearable Product Des.

Course Objectives

1. To teach human-centered design processes, methods and tools for development of functional textile based wearable products
2. To teach application of Human Factors knowledge in design of wearable products for solving problems related to body types, environment and activity.
3. To teach new materials, technologies and techniques used in functional textile and apparel design

Course Description

Hands-on and theoretical application of human-centered design processes and methods to textile based functional wearable products. Understanding of processes and methods for designing textile and apparel products for extreme environments and activities, performance and bodily function enhancement, health and medical care of end-users. Knowledge of physical and psychological human factors such as Ergonomics, Anthropometry, Biomechanics applied in facilitating textile based design for a variety of body types, environments, and activities.

Course Coordinator
Gözde Göncü Berk
Course Language
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