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NSE 508E - Polymeric Nanostr.&Nanocompo.

Course Objectives

During this course, information on composites and nanocomposites will be taught. General theories on
composites will be explained. New developments in nanoparticle synthesis for each class of materials will
be explained and the important aspects of these nanoparticles for the nanocomposites will be demonstrated.
Nanocomposite preparation techniques will be explained in depth; characterization and testing of
nanocomposites will be thoroughly shown. Also, a term project for each student will be assigned.

Course Description

Sharing and teaching the recent developments in the nanocomposites materials at the scientific
and industrial side
• Understanding the superior performance of nanocomposites compared to conventional micron
• Demonstrating industrial applications of nanocomposites

Course Coordinator
Meltem Yanılmaz
Meltem Yanılmaz
Course Language
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