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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Modern Kontrol Mühendisliği
English Modern Control Engineering
Course Code
MDK 594E Credit Lecture
Semester -
3 3 - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Zeki Yağız Bayraktaroğlu
Course Objectives Understanding and application of the following analysis and design tools:
1) State-space representation of linear systems and Dynamic analysis;
2) Observer design;
3) Feedback control;
4) Linear quadratic control;
5) Fundamentals of optimal control.
Course Description A brief history of automatic control, Review of matrix algebra, Modeling and linearization, State-space representation of linear systems, State transition matrix, State transformations, Modal analysis, Controllability, observability, Observer design, Pole placement, State feedback and output feedback, Linear quadratic control, Introduction to optimal control, Lyapunov stability criteria
Course Outcomes i. State-space representation of linear systems;
ii. Dynamic analysis;
iii. Modal analysis;
iv. Controllability and observability analysis;
v. Observer design;
vi. Feedback controller design;
vii. Linear quadratic controller design;
viii. Lyapunov stability.
Required Facilities
Other References 1. Modern Control Theory; Brogan; Prentice Hall; 1990
2. Modern Control Engineering; Ogata; Prentice Hall; 2009
3. Linear System Theory; Rugh; Prentice Hall; 1995
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