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JFM 507E - Interpretation of Earthquake Seismograms

Course Objectives

1. To provide students with basic and advanced knowledge of interpretation of earthquake seismograms,
2. To explain the instrumentation in seismology, recording systems and type of the instruments (analog and digital recorders) by giving examples.
3. To define the types and properties of seismic phases generated by earthquakes and other seismic events,
4. To develop skills to improve understanding of earth structure and earthquake source properties.

Course Description

Instrumentation in seismology; types and properties of the seismic waves; concepts of near-field and far-field earthquakes; crustal waves (0-10 degrees), body waves (10-103 degrees), body waves (103 and larger degrees); body waves from deep earthquakes; surface waves; travel time curves; reading and interpretation of seismograms: volcanic and geothermal earthquakes, teleseismic events and nuclear explosion records will be discussed.

Course Coordinator
Seda Yolsal Çevikbilen
Seda Yolsal Çevikbilen
Course Language
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