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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Fabrika Ölçekli Proses Kontrol
English Plantwide Process Control
Course Code
KMM 520E Credit Lecture
Semester 2
3 3 - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Devrim Barış Kaymak
Course Objectives 1. To train students to control the basic units encountered in chemical engineering.
2. To provide students with a general design procedure that generates an effective plantwide base-level regulatory control structure for complex chemical processes.
3. To train students to solve multi-loop control problems.
4. To train students to control multi-unit chemical processes using simulation methods.
Course Description Introduction to plantwide control. Plantwide control fundamentals: integrated processes, reaction/separation interaction, effects of recycle streams. Basic concepts of plantwide control. Degrees of freedom: design degrees of freedom, control degrees of freedom. Plantwide control design procedure. Control of individual units: reactors, distillation columns, heat exchangers, compressors. Design of controllers. Controller tuning. Interaction of control loops. Case studies.
Course Outcomes Students will be able to
1. Control the basic units in a chemical plant,
2. Generate effective plantwide control structures for complex chemical processes,
3. Select controlled and manipulated variable pairings,
4. Tune selected control pairings,
5. Use computer programming and mathematical software available in the university computer center to solve plantwide process control problems.
Required Facilities
Textbook Luyben, W.L., Tyréus, B.D., Luyben, M.L., Plantwide Process Control, McGraw-Hill, New York, 1998.
Other References
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