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BLG 556E - Digital Solutions for Smart Cities

Course Objectives

1. To introduce the telecommunication technologies employed in cities in order to make them smarter.
2. To introduce sensor networks and their use in smart city applications.
3. To teach graph and queue based models for smart city applications.
4. To teach how to apply data mining models on the data collected from the sensors in cities.
5. To introduce the smart city applications for the citizens.

Course Description

Introduction - Smart Cities, Related telecommunication Technologies, Working principles of sensors and the related systems, Big data generated by the sensors of smart cities, Modelling by using graphs and queues, IoT (Internet of Things) and related applications, Visualizing sensor data. Mapping sensor data, Sensing location, Privacy and security issues, Smart health systems, Smart traffic management, Smart waste management, Smart water management, Software platforms for smart cities,

Course Coordinator
Sema Fatma Oktuğ
Course Language
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