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MKS 529E - Gear Technology

Course Objectives

1. To introduce the technology, geometry and metrology of gears.
2. To provide information about manufacturability, manufacturing cost, special machines and cutting tools and tolerances of gears.
3. Create awareness about gear technology for engineers.

Course Description

In this course, Geometry of spur and helical gears. Gear tooth profiles. Involute as a gear profile and its properties. Modified gears. Cutting methods of spur and helical gears, generating based methods. Manufacturing methods besides cutting. Finishing operations and their machinery and tools. Manufacturing of worm and worm gears. Geometry of bevel gears. Manufacturing methods for straight-bevel gears. Basic geometry and manufacturing methods of spiral bevel gears. Gear metrology. Tolerance system of tooth thickness and geometrical errors. Gear qualities. Instruments and devices for gear metrology. Heat-treatment of gears

Course Coordinator
Ali İmre Aydeniz
Ali İmre Aydeniz
Course Language
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