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MHN 522E - Feasibility Analysis

Course Objectives

• The purpose of this course is to teach the students to analyze and to decide whether a project/investment is feasible with respect to technological, economical, legal, operational, schedule, market, resource availability, financing and the cultural issues of the project.
• Make students gain the ability to make the decision of whether to initiate a project or not under uncertainty is aimed.

Course Description

Feasibility analysis of the engineering projects with respect to economic, financial, technological, legal, cultural, market requirement/demand, operational time schedule aspects; decision making about the feasibility of the projects under uncertainty and risk analysis; real options analysis; multiple criteria selection of the most suitable project among many feasible alternatives. course will emphasize modeling, design, and analysis techniques.

Course Coordinator
Gülşah Hançerlioğulları Köksalmış
Gülşah Hançerlioğulları Köksalmış
Course Language
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