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GEO 182E - Geomatics Project I

Course Objectives

Prepare students in the following subjects and applications for professional life:
? Checking and Adjusting the instruments and hardware (Theodolite, Automatic
Level, Electronic Distance Measuring Instruments, Precise Level)
? Design, Measurement, and Computation of Closed/Linked Traverse using
Total Station
? Detail Measurement (Electronic Tacheometry (automatic field coding),
classical tacheometry for 1o-15 points)
? Differential Leveling
? Trigonometric Leveling
? Area Calculations
? Reporting and Presentation of all studies regarding the project
? Plotting (manually and by means of software)

Course Description

This is a course that students will synthesis and apply all basic surveying knowledge and skills using related national and international standards via working as teams

Course Coordinator
Esra Erten
Course Language
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