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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Kentsel Tasarım Projesi I
English Urban Design Project I
Course Code
KET 511 Credit Lecture
Semester -
6 - - -
Course Language Turkish
Course Coordinator Ceyda Sungur
Course Objectives Ability to use theoretical, technological and professional knowledge in planning and design of urban environment by using theoretical, social and economic characteristics of natural structure of environment. Discussing the alternatives of planning and design decisions and its technical presentation
Course Description Definition of relationships between physical environment /settlement pattern and structural, social, economic and cultural factors in new urban areas which have different functions. Solutions of problems related to land-use, transportation system, building ordinance i.e.. Definition of other factors creating urban pattern and interactions between them. Design of contemporary settlement pattern towards future generation and presentation of ideas in two or three dimensional techniques and models.
Course Outcomes Progressing the ability of urban design
Ability in working interdisciplinary teams
Gaining ethical values professional competence on urban design
Ability on developing urban design strategies
Required Facilities
Other References Alex Krieger And William S. Saunders, (Editors), (2009), Urban Design, Imprint Minneapolis : University Of Minnesota Press,
Allen, J., Massey, D., Pryke, M., (1999), Understanding Cities-Unsettling Cities, The Open University.
Eberly, D., (1994), Future By Design, New Society Pub., Philadelphia.
Lang, J., (1996), Urban Design, The American Experience, The Urban Design, Designing Process.
Lowe, M.D., (1992), Shaping Cities, Worldwatch Institute, New-York.
Moughtin, C., (1992), Urban Design, Jordan Hill, Oxford.
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