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DEP 503E - Advanced Dynamics of Structure

Course Objectives

Understanding the response of structures under dynamic load,
Analyzing response of simple structures under dynamic loads by using fundamental equation of dynamics,
Understanding complex problems of structural dynamics,

Course Description

Dynamic loads, dynamic characteristics of structural systems. lumped parameter systems. free vibrations of single-degree-of-freedom systems (SDF), damped vibrations, response of SDF systems to harmonic loading, to periodic loading, to general dynamic loading, generalized SDF systems. Rayleigh method, vibration isolation Multi-degree-of-freedom systems (MDS), equations of motions, undamped free vibrations of MDS, free vibrations, orthogonality conditions, dynamic response, mode shapes, forced vibrations, mode superposition analysis, numerical methods for determination of mode shapes and frequencies, Rayleigh method, systems with distributed parameters, equations of motion, axial, shear and bending vibrations, earthquake response of SDF systems, response spectra, earthquake response of MDF systems, methods for modal combination, numerical methods.

Course Coordinator
Reşat Atalay Oyguç
Course Language
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