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EUT 613E - Cultural Approaches To Design

Course Objectives

1. To discuss the relationship of design with culture
2. To understand how culture shapes object of use and to analyse everyday life objects and phenomena with this cultural perspective and methodology,
3. To produce input to "design" by making a cultural analysis of existing objects and phenomena while trying to understand the world we live in through defining needs, users and different ways of use,
4. To enlighten designer to define new problems, to contribute to social sciences from "design"

Course Description

1. To be able to handle everyday life phenomena with respect to "design" and "culture",
2. Being able to analyse these phenomena by situating them within a broader social, economic and cultural web of relations,
3. To be able to read, comprehend the literature related to "design" and "culture" and develop insights towards objects of use, human behaviour and phenomena relying on the perspective gained,
4. To be able to represent the outcomes of the research and analysis with an academic article.

Course Coordinator
Şebnem Timur
Course Language
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