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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Atmosferik Sınır Tabaka
English Atmospheric Boundary Layer
Course Code
MTO 505 Credit Lecture
Semester -
3 3 - -
Course Language Turkish
Course Coordinator Hatice Sema Topçu
Course Objectives Atmospheric Boundary Layer Theory which is offered as an elective course in Atmospheric Science Programme is an essential course to establish a background for the students who want to specialize on the fields such as Air Pollution Meteorology, Wind Energy, Micro Climate etc.
Course Description Atmospheric boundary layer characteristics. Air temperature. Humidity and wind distribution in the ABL. Soil temperature and heat transfer. Energy budget near the surface. Fundamentals of turbulence. Semi empirical theories of turbulence. Prognostic equations for turbulent fluxes. Stable, nötr and unstable atmospheric boundary layer structure. Turbulence closure techniques. The calculations of boundary layer structure. Spectra and correlations functions. Simulations methods and model studies
Course Outcomes I. To have the knowledge about the characteristics of the atmospheric boundary layer.
II. To have the knowledge about the basic equations that determine the processes in the
III. To determine the energy budget in the boundary layer. To have knowledge about the
determination of the distribution of temperature, humidity, and wind.
IV. To gain knowledge and skill for using the forecast methods of turbulence fluxes.
V. To have experience on the parameterization of boundary layer equations by using
method of turbulence closure.
VI. To have the knowledge about the modeling AST under different stability conditions.
VII. To reinforce the knowledge with different simulation techniques and case studies
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