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DTM 507E - Numerical Techniques for Engineering Problems

Course Objectives

To provide a basis on numerical techniques used in engineering problems.

Course Description

Introduction, sensitivity analysis, and interpolation.
Numerical Integration (Improper Integrals, Singular Integrals, etc.)
Matrix Computations
Matrix Computations
Iterative Methods for Linear Systems
Differentiation with Finite Differences
Numerical Solution of ODE’s
Initial Value Problems for ODE’s
Numerical Solution of ODE’s
Boundary value Problems (BVP) for ODE’s
Numerical Solutions of PDE’s
Parabolic PDE’s and BVP
Elliptic PDE’s and BVP
Hyperbolic PDE’s and BVP
Numerical Solutions of PDE’s

Course Coordinator
Serdar Beji
Serdar Beji
Course Language
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