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PET 503E - Advanced Reservoir Engineering

Course Objectives

1) To teach the characteristics of the reservoir parameters and averaging techniques and to introduce the error analysis,

2) To study the fluid flow and the types of flow, and to introduce the approximate solutions for complex fluid flow problems and the pressure performance of oil wells,

3) To investigate the solutions of the diffusivity equation, and its applications to two-well or multi-well systems,

4) To study the injectivity for depleted and liquid-filled reservoirs.

Course Description

Error analysis. Definition of reservoir parameters. Averaging techniques for reservoir pressure, porosity, permeability. Flow of fluids through the reservoir: Concept of unsteady, pseudosteady and steady state flow. Approximate equations in fluid flow problems. Oil well pressure performance. Diffusivity equation and its solution, application to two- and multi-well problems. Injection rate for depleted and liquid-filled reservoirs.

Course Coordinator
Ömer İnanç Türeyen
Course Language
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