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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Tekstil Malzemelerinde Güç Tutuşurluk
English Flame Retardancy in Textile Materials
Course Code
TEK 531 Credit Lecture
Semester -
3 3 - -
Course Language Turkish
Course Coordinator Gülay Özcan
Course Objectives The purpose of this course is to teach students
1. How to use the state of the art in textile fire retardancy studies and
2. Fire retardant chemicals and fire-retarded polymers, while considering the interrelationship among polymer degradation, fire retardant efficacy, fire testing and environmental concerns.
3. The course examines polymer materials and their fire retardancy.
Course Description An Introduction to Polymeric Flame Retardancy, Polymer Degradation and the Matching of FR Chemistry to Degradation. Physical Parameters Affecting Fire Growth. Halogen-Containing Flame Retardants. Phosphorus-Based Flame Retardants. Fire-Retardant Fillers. Recent Developments in Silicon-Based Flame Retardants. Boron-Based Flame Retardants and Flame Retardancy. Char Formation and Characterization. Multi-Components FR Systems, Design of Interlayers for Fire-Retarded Polymeric Systems. Fundamentals of Fire Testing and What Tests Measure. Uses of Fire Tests in Materials Flammability Development. Fire Toxicity and its Assessment. Flame-Retardant Design for Fiber Reinforced Materials. Flame Retardancy Design for Textiles. FR Design for Foam Materials.
Course Outcomes At the end of the course, the students will have:
I. Knowledge about flame retardancy techniques in the textile industry
II. Knowledge about the structure and properties of flame retardant chemicals and inherently flame retardant polymer materials.
III. Knowledge about the degradation and flame retardancy characteristics of polymeric materials and their flammability tests
IV. The ability of designing of new flame retardancy solutions consedering the interrelationship between fire retardancy techniques and environmental concern.
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