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EUT 501E - Design Research Methods

Course Objectives

1. Enabling knowledge acquisition in the qualities of scientific research
2. Enabling knowledge acquisition in scientific research methods
3. Enabling comprehension about the causal relationship between research question and research method
4. Enabling competence in developing a scientific research proposal

Course Description

Definition of research: Research in the physical sciences tradition, research in the humanities tradition, design research. Qualities of scientific research. History of design research. Ways of approaching research: Quantitative research designs, qualitative research designs, comparison of the qualitative and quantitative research methods. Nature of quantitative research, research types and topics. Quantitative research design, data collection and data analysis. Research problem formulation techniques. Using library sources and literature search. Nature of qualitative research, data collection methods and analysis. Observation. Research Interviewing. Case study research. Ethnography, Historiography, Action Research, Protocol Analysis.

Course Coordinator
Şebnem Timur
Course Language
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