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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Gem.Mak.Sist.Tas.&Optimizasyon
English Marine Systems Design and Optimization
Course Code
GEM 515 Credit Lecture
Semester 9
3 3 - -
Course Language Turkish
Course Coordinator Osman Azmi Özsoysal
Course Objectives 1. Establishing of the thermal and economical model for the thermal equipment and machineries in engine rooms.
2. System simulation with thermal equipment models
3. Thermo-economic analysis and optimization of systems.
4. Design of the workable and optimum systems.
Course Description Decisions in an engineering undertaking, designing a workable and optimum system, thermodynamics, modelling and design analysis, heat transfer, modelling and analysis, engineering economics, thermo-economic analysis and evaluation, mathematical modelling of engineering design problems for optimization, modelling thermal equipment and system simulation, optimization, Lagrange multipliers, search methods, geometric programming, linear programming, artificial intelligence in thermal systems design: concepts and applications.
Course Outcomes M.Sc./Ph.D. students who successfully pass this course gain knowledge, skill and competency in the following subjects;
1. Able to understand the importance of engineering decision, major qualities and definitions such as workable/optimum system,
2. Able to model the thermal equipment,
3. Able to establish the system simulation with thermal models,
4. To get familiar which optimization technique is utilizable for different engineering problems.
5. Able to thermal, economical and optimum design of systems.
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