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GEO 516 - Şehir Bölge Planlamada CBS

Course Objectives

i) Relation of planning and information.
ii) City and regional planning, monitoring, data types for current analyzing, and integration of these data in a system.
iii) Implementation of integration of remote sensing and GIS.
iv) Sample applications and projects for GIS integrated studies in city and regional planning

Course Description

Relation of planning and information/Planning-geographic information systems/Use of satellite data according to spectral, spatial and temporal specifications as a data source in planning, present evaluations and future projections/Satellite image resolution-scale relations/Thematic information extraction from satellite data and remote sensing methods used for updating/City analysis and determination of the amount and orientation of city growths/State assessment, spatial city and regional plans/Data structure, data analysis and project design/ integration of geographic information systems and remote sensing/Applications of geographic information systems in city planning.

Course Coordinator
Çiğdem Göksel
Course Language
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