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PST 534E - Polymer. Materi.in Corros.Cont

Course Objectives

In general, the development of modern society and industry has led to a stronger demand for engineers who utilizes his scientif
ic knowledge to solve practical problems with specialized knowledge in corrosion. Coating is one of the protection method for corrosion. The objective of this course is
1. to gain knowledge on application of polymeric coatings in corrosion inhibition and
2. to meet the needs for these areas.

Course Description

Corrosion definition, electrochemical and thermodynamic aspect, methods for corrosion measurements and inhibition, corrosion inhibition by surface coating, preparation of metal surface, application methods, metallic coating, polymeric coating, physical vapor deposition, electroactive organic polymers, recent applications, some test methods

Course Coordinator
Esma Sezer
Course Language
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