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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Fluid Mechanics
English Fluid Mechanics
Course Code
ENR 201 Credit Lecture
Semester -
3 3 - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Burcu Erbaş
Course Objectives 1.To introduce the basic principles of fluid mechanics
2.To be able to define, formulate and simplify the equations of fluid flow and gain ability to use them for the solution of fluid flow problems
Course Description Basic concepts and definitions. Fluid kinematics. Fluid statics. Manometers and pressure measurements. Hydrostatic forces on immersed bodies. Solid body translation and rotation. Equations of conservation of mass, momentum and energy for systems and control volumes Bernoulli equation and applications. Navier-Stokes equations and its applications. Stream function and flow potential. Dimensional analysis and similarity. Viscous Flow in pipes and ducts. Laminar and turbulent boundary layers. Major and minor losses in pipes. Flow over immersed bodies. Boundary layer equations. Compressible flow. Fluid Machinery. Water hammer.
Course Outcomes 1. A knowledge of fluid concept, and similarities and differences between fluids and gases, Ability to solve problems involving viscosity, surface tension, water vapor
2. To be able to calculate hydrostatic forces, moments and point of action on submerged surfaces
3. To be able to classify flows as uniform/nonuniform, steady/unsteady, compressible/incompressible, laminar/turbulent,
4. Calculate mass flow rate, volumetric flow rate and mean velocity in a flow
5. Learn pressure, velocity and mass flow rate measurement techniques
6. Use control volume concept and Reynolds transport theorem to calculate fluid forces and moments acting on static or moving vanes, nozzles, bends, rotating systems
7. Apply dimensional analysis, similarity and modeling laws to fluid flow problems
8. Make calculations and use moody diagram to determine the local losses and resistance to flow in pipe systems
9. Knowledge of lift and drag concepts over immersed bodies and their simple calculations
10. Knowledge of pump and turbine characteristics; ability to choose the right pump or turbine for a given flow system
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