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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Operation&Maint.of Marine Eng.
English Operation&Maint.of Marine Eng.
Course Code
MEN 321 Credit Lecture
Semester 5
- 1 - 3
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Cumali Seçkin Mengeçin
Course Objectives Measuring tools and control devices on board. Measuring of crankshaft, cylinder liner etc. and evaluation. Maintenance of valves, fuel injection pumps and valves, cylinder heads etc. Alignment of pumps and motors. Performance diagrams. Testing of lubricating oil, fuel oil and water. Troubleshooting for marine engines.
Course Description 1. To teach measuring engine parts and evaluation.
2. To teach maintenance of engine parts.
3. To teach troubleshooting for marine engines and systems.
Course Outcomes Students who pass the course will be able to;
I. Learn about measuring engine parts by using measuring tools and control devices and evaluation.
II. Learn about maintenance of engine parts.
III. Learn about testing of lubricating oil, fuel oil, water and analyzing of the results.
Pre-requisite(s) (MEN 201 MIN DD
veya GMI 232E MIN DD)
ve (MEN 202 MIN DD
veya GMI 233E MIN DD)
ve (MEN 212 MIN DD
veya GMI 253E MIN DD
veya GEM 312E MIN DD)

(Engineering Science)
Required Facilities 8 Laboratuvar Çalışması
8 Laboratory Work
Other References 8 Laboratuvar Çalışması
8 Laboratory Work
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