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Course Information

Course Name
English General Chemistry I
Course Code
KIM 101E Credit Lecture
Semester -
3 - - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Nesrin Köken
Course Objectives - To teach the basic concepts and principles of chemistry.
2 - To provide the theoretical and practical knowledge together.
3 - To improve the ability of problem solving skill and to make critical decisions.
4 - To give the importance of chemistry on the daily life.
5 - To help the students thinking positively, logical and to understand the principles of nature.
Course Description The scope of chemistry and stoichiometry, atoms and the atomic theories, the periodic table and some atomic properties, chemical bonding, molecular geometry, gases and gas laws, liquids, solids, solutions and their physical properties, thermochemistry, principles of chemical equilibrium, acids and bases, thermodynamic.
Course Outcomes - will be able to identify and apply atomic theories and useful relationships from the periodic table,
2 - Make calculations with using stochiometry in chemical reactions,
3 - Solve different problems about liquid solutions and gases,
4 - Make applications about heat, work, enthalpy and internal energy,
5 - Set up the three dimensional shape of molecular compounds with using their chemical bonding knowledge and some other bond theories.
6 - Show the crystal structures of solids and skills to solve related problems,
7 - Solve problems about thermodynamic, chemical equilibrium, acid and base concepts and concentration,
8 - Integrate their chemistry knowledge to their daily life with the real-world examples (examples relevant to the biological sciences, engineering and the environmental sciences)
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