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ING 201 - English 201

Course Objectives

1. Improve students’ reading and writing skills as well as evaluating and interpreting written information 2. Improve students’ technical vocabulary
3. Create awareness of sound, scholarly sources
4. Enhance knowledge about a specific subject related to their department
5. Enable awareness and application of the research process by conforming to the conventions of academic life and adhering to the norms of research ethics

Course Description

Through the study of research, the undergraduate program of Advanced English 201 helps students to write and present a thesis by gaining skills in areas of time management, organization, and production of original ideas, critical thinking, and defense with evidence and clear writing. In addition to giving a solid foundation in research, the curriculum emphasizes the recognition of a variety of different sources and access to any kind of reliable information through the use of libraries and the internet. Moreover, the course enables students to conform to international writing standards when incorporating source information into their writing.

Course Coordinator
Fulya Kama Özelkan
Course Language
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