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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish İtalyanca I
English italian I
Course Code
ITA 101 Credit Lecture
Semester -
3 2 - 2
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Valentına Elmettı
Valentına Elmettı
Course Objectives The students:
- will learn to build simple sentences, to introduce themselves and to talk about their likes and preferences, their hobbies, their daily life and their family.
- will aquire the necessary vocabulary and language skills to do shopping and other daily life activities.
-will learn how to write short letters of candidature for a course or invitation.
Course Description Includes basic grammar and vocabulary of the Italian language and a starting preparation to the level A1 according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).
Course Outcomes The students that pass this course:
1. will be able to describe and talk about themselves and other people using simple sentences, and will be able to produce a writing of at least 55 words.
2. will be able to write an e-mail of invitation/presentation using short and simple sentences.
3. will be able to read and understand small anouncements, catalogues, orders and short sentences.
4. will be able to present themselves and to greet and say goodbye in a simple way.
5. will be able to ask people about themselves.
Pre-requisite(s) NONE
Required Facilities
Textbook Text-book:L’italiano all’ universita’ A1-A2 ( EDILINGUA)
Italian handouts book: Dispensa di italiano 101
Other References
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