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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish İspanyolca I (Kredili)
English Spanish I (Credit)
Course Code
ISP 101 Credit Lecture
Semester 2
4 4 2 2
Course Language Turkish
Course Coordinator Marıa Vıctorıa Galvez Frutos
Marıa Vıctorıa Galvez Frutos
Course Objectives The students:
1. Will learn to build simple sentences, to introduce themselves and to talk about their likes and preferences, their hobbies and their daily life.
2. Will learn the simple present form. (Presente de indicativo).
3. Describe people (physical appearance and character).
4. Express likes and dislikes. Express their opinion and agreement or disagreement in a simple way.
5. Will be able to describe the neighborhood in which they live
Course Description Includes basic grammar and vocabulary of the Spanish language and a starting preparation to the level A1 according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).
Course Outcomes The students that pass this course:
1.Will be able to present themselves and to greet and say goodbye in a simple way.
2.Will be able to ask people personal information about themselves.
3.Will be able to describe and talk about themselves and other people using simple sentences.
4. Will be able to describe what there is and there is not in several places such as their cities and neighbourhoods.
5. Talk about what they like to do in their free time.
Pre-requisite(s) ISP 101 is for the beginner students.
Required Facilities
Other Check our website: http://www.ydy.itu.edu.tr/en/education/elective-foreign-languages_/spanish
Other References
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