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ISP 202 - Spanish IV (Credit)

Course Objectives

The students will be able to:
1. Talk about their language learning process.
2. Give advices or orders.
3. Do shopping and ask more complex questions about products.
4. Use pronouns correctly.
5. Explain stories, films, legends or jokes in the past in a more accurate way.
6. Speak about future predictions, assumptions and conditions.
7. Use "basic periphrasis" of Spanish language to explain habits.

Course Description

Pre-Intermediate level Spanish grammar and vocabulary, and preparations for A2 level of DELE exams in line with Common European Framework of Reference.

Course Coordinator
Marıa Vıctorıa Galvez Frutos
Marıa Vıctorıa Galvez Frutos
Marıa Vıctorıa Galvez Frutos
Course Language
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