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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish English III A
English English III A
Course Code
ING 201 Credit Lecture
Semester 1
3 3 - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Esbıe Van Heerden Uensal
Course Objectives When students have successfully completed this course, they will have greatly enhanced English writing and research skills and will also have a professional document, a final paper, which is a valuable credential for further academic or professional work.English 201 is a course designed to utilize the writing and grammar skills learned in prerequisite 100 level courses and to teach the organizational and critical thinking skills necessary for logical written expression. The end product of the course is a correctly-documented research paper based on at least 5 sources of information and written on a subject relevant to students’ particular faculties.
Course Description The course teaches skills including library research, choice of topic, construction and defense of a thesis statement, citing sources, outlining, organizing a “References” page and note taking. Critical elements of the course are instruction in paraphrasing and summarizing techniques, use of quotations and the avoidance of plagiarism.
Course Outcomes
Required Facilities
Textbook Writing Research Papers
Dilek Vidana Tavaşoğlu
Suzan Arıman
Süeda Albayrak
3rd Edition, 2008
Istanbul, ITU Vakfi

This book was initially created as a textbook for the students in the Advanced English Program in ITU, who have to write a research paper based on a topic related to their own faculty. However, it is also very useful for anyone else who needs guidance about how to write a research paper.

The authors of the book are English Language Instructors in the Advanced English Program at Istanbul Technical University, College of Foreign Languages.

The book is sold at the Vakif Building in Maçka Campus, the Vakif’s shop inside ITU Sosyal Tesisleri in Maslak Campus, the canteen in the Mechanical Engineering Faculty and ARGEM bookstore inside the Science and Letters Faculty in Maslak.
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