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ING 101 - Engilsh 101

Course Objectives

1.listening and note-taking skills; getting the gist of the lecture, differentiating
the necessary information from the nonessential part.
2.reading skills; building up content based vocabulary
3.writing skills; to write clear and efficient pieces of descriptive writing to
communicate specific and factual information to a defined audience for a
defined purpose.

Course Description

Ing 101 is designed to enable the students produce written work
encompassing definition paragraphs, summaries, descriptions (mechanism
and process), and classification essays, maintaining unity and coherence. In
order to provide students with enough language input and equip them with
necessary insights into various aspects of academic writing, Ing. 101 has been designed as an integrated skills course.

Course Coordinator
Seniye Rüyam Oltay Artan
Course Language
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