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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish English II
English English II
Course Code
ING 106 Credit Lecture
Semester -
3 3 - -
Course Language Turkish
Course Coordinator Hacer Şivil
Course Objectives Students will be able to:
1. understand and use familiar everyday expressions and very basic phrases aimed at the
satisfaction of needs of a concrete type.
2. introduce him/herself and others
3. ask and answer questions about personal details such as where he/she lives, people he/she knows
and things he/she has.
4. interact in a simple way provided the other person talks slowly and clearly and is prepared to
Course Description The aim of the course is to help students acquire the basic ability to communicate and exchange
information in a simple way aligned with an Elementary level of English
Course Outcomes Understand a menu/order food
2. Make and accept/refuse an offer
3. Ask and answer about quantity
4. Talk about healthy/unhealthy, food preferences
5. Talk about my eating habits
6. Describe taste of food
7. Make suggestions and agreements
8. Invite someone somewhere
9. Accept/refuse invitations
10. Use language for different means of transport
11. Ask about cost of something
12. Check and confirm information
13. Ask for / give and follow directions
14. Talk about my future plans
15. Talk and write about places in a town/city
16. Avoid repetition when writing
17. Talk about clothes and express preferences
18. Talk about my shopping habits
19. Talk about process and sizes
20. Make and respond to request and ask for favors21. Give excuses
22. Make and cancel an appointment
23. Talk about ailments
24. Ask for and give advice
25. Describe a problem I have
26. Talk about holidays and accommodation
27. Show interest and lack of interest
28. Express preference
29. Make comparisons
30. Talk about geographical features of a place
31. Write information about a country
32. Talk about cultural differences
33. Make a list of guidelines for visitors to my
34. Talk about facilities and services at a hotel
35. Talk about different sports
36. Talk about experiences I had
37. Talk about my education and academic subjects
38. Talk about famous people
39. Talk and write about events in my life
Pre-requisite(s) There re no course prerequisites
Required Facilities
Textbook Pioneer Elementary -MM Publications
Other References
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