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ING 201 - English III

Course Objectives

The objective of the course is to teach skills including library research, choice of topic, construction and defense of a thesis statement, citing sources, outlining, organizing a “References” page and note taking. Critical elements of the course are instruction in paraphrasing and summarizing techniques, use of quotations and, most importantly, the avoidance of plagiarism.

Course Description

English 201 is a course designed to utilize the writing and grammar skills learned in prerequisite 100 level courses and to teach the organizational and critical thinking skills necessary for logical written expression. The end product of the course is a correctly-documented research paper based on at least 5 sources of information and written on a subject relevant to students’ particular faculties.
Through the study of research, the undergraduate program of Advanced English 201 helps students to write and orally present a thesis by gaining skills in areas of time management, organization, production of original ideas, critical thinking, defense with evidence and clear writing with persuasion. In addition to giving a solid foundation in research, the curriculum emphasizes the recognition of a variety of different sources and gaining access to any kind of reliable information through the use of libraries and the internet. Moreover, the course enables students to conform to international writing standards when incorporating source information into their writing.

Course Coordinator
Alin Yağcıoğlu
Course Language
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