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ING 103I - Short Stories

Course Objectives

1. To read, analyse and critique short stories by renowned writers,
2. To understand how a short story works on different levels.
3.Apply key concepts, terminology and methodologies in the analysis of selected short stories.
4. Identify short stories in historical, social, political, cultural and aesthetic contexts.
5.  Articulate how literary works respond to and influence societies and cultures, ethically, politically and historically
6.  Engage with literary works through other media: e.g. film, drama, concerts, lectures or readings

Course Description

This course aims to provide students with an insight into short fiction through reading and assessment of short literary works along with short films. The course will provide an introduction to the genealogy and development of the short story tracing literary examples mainly from 19th-, 20th- and 21st century literature with a special focus on the literary movements of modernism and postmodernism. Throughout the course, there will be an emphasis on the basic constituents of short story – plot structure, setting, characterization, and point of view.

Course Coordinator
Dilek Öztürk Yağcı
Dilek Öztürk Yağcı
Course Language
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