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ISP 302 - Spanish VI

Course Objectives

Understand the main ideas when the speech is clear and normal and everyday issues are addressed.

Understand the main idea of many radio or television programs that deal with current issues or matters of personal or professional interest, when the articulation is relatively slow and clear. Understand texts written in a language commonly used and daily or related to work, as well as the description of events, feelings and desires in personal letters. Develop in almost all situations that arise when traveling.

Participate spontaneously in a conversation that deals with daily topics of personal interest. Join phrases in a simple way to describe experiences and events.

Justify briefly my opinions and projects. Tell a story or story, the plot of a book. Write well-linked texts on familiar topics or topics of personal interest.

Course Description

Intermediate level of Spanish grammar and vocabulary, corresponding, under the Council of Europe Common Criteria (CECR), to the B1 level of the DELE exams, including preparatory work.

Course Coordinator
Marıa Vıctorıa Galvez Frutos
Marıa Vıctorıa Galvez Frutos
Course Language
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