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ING 103I - Short Stories

Course Objectives

1. Aims to arouse interest in genre literature by making them think about its implications on culture and literature.
2. Aims to improve research skills and critical thinking and encourage participation in discussions.
3. Aims to make them analyse stories and write criticism essays.
4. Aims to inspire students to write their stories and help them express their creativity.

Course Description

103 Short Stories is designed to introduce an intensive examination of genre literature including Sci-Fi, Detective, Horror and Fantasy. This course aims to provoke discussion around the formal, stylistic and thematic characteristics of genre literature. It also aims to demonstrate the limits of genre literature and makes the students focus on its implications and engagement with current politics, society, culture and environment. The objective of this course is not only to present a broad selection of stories, but also to improve the students’ research skills, critical thinking abilities as well as their participation in discussions. One of the main targets is to encourage intellectual versatility in students by making them exposed to a wide range of outside sources (theoretical viewpoints, critics, interviews, visual practices). The students are expected to produce their own stories and express their creativity.

Course Coordinator
Nergis Perçinel
Course Language
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