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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish İngilizce II
English English II
Course Code
ING 102 Credit Lecture
Semester -
3 3 - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Hatice Bilgin
Course Objectives This course aims to enhance students’ reading and writing skills simultaneously, reinforces students’ perception of the reading-writing link, enabling them to decipher academic texts more efficiently, and teaches them to write academic essays in terms of both content and organization.
Reading skills: 1. Speed/timed reading, 2. Identifying the main points, 3. Analyzing the view and the tone of the text, 4. Finding and interrelating relevant information, 5. Distinguishing between general and specific information, 6. Identifying causes and effects of a phenomenon, 7. Identifying for and against points and eliciting arguments, 8. Eliciting topic related/key words, 9. Enhancing academic vocabulary
Writing skills: 1. Note taking, 2. Summarizing, 3. Organizing ideas via clusters, associations, 4. Outlining, 5. Crafting thesis statements and topic sentences, 6. Writing cause & effect essays vis-à-vis a format, 7. Writing argumentative essays vis-à-vis a format, 8. Supporting the main points in the essay with the findings of text exploration, 9. Using academic tone, genre language and appropriate transition signals.
Course Description The students of English 102 course improve their study skills (such as efficient reading techniques, eliciting information) and critical thinking skills and go through the processes of reading and analyzing texts, planning, drafting and editing. Students working on text exploration and academic writing simultaneously produce academic writing (paragraph or essay) both in their homework assignments and their exams.
Course Outcomes Students who pass the course satisfactorily can:
1. Identify the main points and analyze the view and the tone of the text
2. Find and interrelate relevant information in order to use in their writing
3. Write according to academic writing format and support their writing referring to a source
4. Read, plan and write about a topic by analyzing a cause and effect relationship
5. Use cause /effect vocabulary
6. Organize and carry on debates on controversial topics
7. Use the relevant vocabulary and structures related to argumentative genre
8. Evaluate an academic text
Pre-requisite(s) ING 101 minimum FF
Required Facilities
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