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Dersin Haftalık Planı

Hafta Konu
1 1 Introduction, importance of modeling and control engineering
2 Modeling of Dynamic Systems: model complexity, model types, types of analytical models, principle of superposition, lumped model of a distributed system / PROJECT GROUPS
3 Lumped elements and analogies: Mechanical elements, electrical elements, fluid elements, thermal elements, analytical model development and state-space approach
4 Model linearization, nonlinear state-space models, nonlinear electrical elements, linearization using experimental operating curves.
5 Linear Graphs/Bond-graph theory: Single port elements, two-port elements, series and parallel connection, state models derived from bond-graph, complex system examples, bond-graph simplifications, and distributed-parameter systems.
6 Transfer function and frequency-domain and Frequency-Domain Models, Block-diagrams and State-space models.
7 Response analysis and simulation- MIDTERM EXAM
8 Control system structure and performance: feed-forward, feedback, distributed control, hierarchical control, PID action, steady-state error and integral control, system type and error constants
9 Stability and root locus, pole placement methods
10 Controller design and tuning: Time domain and frequency domain methods
11 Advanced Control: Controllability, observability, modal control, optimal control, LQR, other advanced methods
12 Virtual prototyping- Innovation process in Research and Development , Hardware in the loop simulation, Test and Evaluation Engineering
13 Real-time monitoring and control, System constraints and integration issues
14 Applications, case studies, PROJECT PRESENTATION: Solutions to Modeling Challenges
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