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ITB 222E - Şehir ve Toplum

Dersin Amaçları

Bu derste İstanbul'un sosyal ve tarihsel gelişimi irdelenmektedir.

Dersin Tanımı

İstanbul is not ‘a city’; is ‘the city:polis’. It is unique and inprecious. Those properties of the city gives us; the people who live in it, a big reponsability. It needs a long time and dedication to learn about and understand that ‘city’. In fact, it is an unending study because the city itself is a living organism.
: Istanbul is the only city in the world which stands upon two continents. The history of İstanbul begins in the mist of legends: Byzas the Megarian...The ship Argos...The Greeks...The Persians...Rome...Byzantium...Constantine in the Fourth Century...The separation of Rome in 395 A.D. ...The Great Byzantian Empire....The death of almost sixty thousand people in the Hypodrome...The destruction or carrying away to Italy of the wealth which ornamented the palaces and temples... in the Fifteenth Century the Ottomans...The Sultans... The great mosques, palaces, fountains...in the Twentieth Century the Turks...coming of vast crowds from the rural areas...

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