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MAT 271E - Olasılık ve İstatistik

Dersin Amaçları

1. To understand the meaning and importance of probability and statistics in daily life and in engineering
2. To use the knowledge of probability and statistics in engineering problems and the assessment of quality tests.
3. Predict the chance of an event happening, using the terms never, sometimes, always.
4. Describe the likelihood of an outcome, using such terms as likely, unlikely, expect, probability.
5. Make a prediction based on a simple probability experiment.
6. Describe the likelihood of an outcome, using such terms as likely, less likely, chance.
7. Identify an outcome as possible, impossible, certain, uncertain.
8. Compare outcomes as equally likely, more likely, less likely.
9. List all possible outcomes of an experiment involving a single event.
10. Describe events, using the vocabulary of probability: best, worst; probable, improbable; always, more likely, less likely, equally likely, never.
11. Distinguish between experimental and theoretical probability for single events.
12. Make the connection between the number of faces for various dice, and the probability of a single event.

Dersin Tanımı

Description of probability and statistics and application of them in engineering. Data sets, data patterns, data summary measures, basic probability concepts such as random trials, events, etc., conditional probability, discrete and continuous probability distributions. Hypothesis tests for two means, two proportions, t-test. Regression and correlation.

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