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ITB 222E - City and Society

Dersin Amaçları

) To teach basic methods of historical inquiry and analysis of sources;
b) To increase knowledge of the history of the modern world and its origins;
c) To learn the connection between urban space, power and religion in the Middle East;
d) To raise awareness of diversity within human history and the importance of intercultural learning;

Dersin Tanımı

A survey of the history of major cities in the Middle East and North Africa. This course will trace the region's history through the foundation and development of the cities that served as the centers of significant political entities since 600 A.D. Each week will focus on the symbolism and functionality of urban space and architecture and the role of politics, religion, and global trade in the formation of one of the following cities: Jerusalem, Mecca and Madina, Baghdad, Cairo, Istanbul, Isfahan, Beirut and Algiers. The course will seek an answer to the question of whether history shapes the city or the city shapes histor

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