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Dersin Haftalık Planı

Hafta Konu
1 Week1-General Introduction / Biochemical principles: Elements, Bonds, Water
Week 2- Biochemical Macromolecules-I: Polysaccharides, Proteins
Week 3-Biochemical Macromolecules-II: Lipids, Nucleic acids
Week 4- Enzymes
Week 5- Classification of Microorganisms: Catabolic Diversity
Week 6- Catabolic pathways ATP-related parts to be added to the beginning
Week 7- Fermentation-I
Week 8- Fermentation-II (MIDTERM)
Week 9- Anoxic and anaerobic metabolism: Anaerobic Respiration + Natural Microbial Ecosystems
Week 10- Anabolic pathways - photosynthesis
Week 11- Water and Wastewater Microbiology: Combo Water and WWT Microbiology
Week 12- Biotechnology and Industrial Microbiology Applications
Week 13-Bioremediation I / Student Presentations
Week 14- Bioremediation II
LAB Session
Week1- Introduction to Laboratory and Safety Instructions
Week2- Light microscopy, Water and wastewater microbiology (wet-mounting)
Week3- Carbon-storage polymers of microorganisms – PHB staining (Also, preparation of the Winogradsky Column)
Week4- Enzymatic reactions – Enzyme Activity Tests with APIZym
Week5- Examination of activated sludge biomass - macro structures (flocks, granules, SVI, wet-mounting, simple staining w/ methylene blue)
Week6- Examination of activated sludge biomass - micro structures (Gram-staining)
Week7- Alcohol Fermentation
Week8- Anaerobic Microorganisms (preparation of experimental set-up)
Week9- Anaerobic Microorganisms –Anaerobic Respiration and Gas Production (measurements)
Week10- Examination of Microbial Groups in the Winogradsky Column (macroscopic and microscopic evaluations)
Week11- Indicator microorganisms for receiving water quality (membrane filtration and FC/FS ratio)
Week12- Bulking and foaming problems in activated sludge systems - Examination of filamentous organisms (Gram and/or Niesser’s staining)
Week13- Advanced Molecular Techniques in Environmental Engineering Applications
Week14- LAB EXAM (written and practice)
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