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Dersin Haftalık Planı

Hafta Konu
1 Definitions and general principles in statics, force vectors, vector operations (addition, substraction, scalar and vector products), resolution of vectors, force resultants, vectors in space, position vectors, vector projected on a line.
Equilibrium of a particle in 2D and 3D space, Moment of a force about a point (vector and scalar formulation), moment of a force about an axis, moment of a couple, equivalent system.
Geometrical properties of a rigid body, calculation of centroid, concentrated and distributed forces, moment of inertia.
Equilibrium of a rigid body in 2D, supports, free body diagram, support reactions, Gerber beams.
Trusses, frames.
Internal Forces, Cables
Principles of mechanics of materials, mechanical properties of materials, Hooke's Law.
Stress and strains, normal and shear components, principle values and directions, Mohr's circle.
Axial normal force on a beam element.
Simple Bending
Simple Torsion
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