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PET 434E - Petrol ve Doğal Gaz Mühendisliğinde Proje Yönetimi

Dersin Amaçları

The main objective of ptoject management in the Oil and Gas Industry is to complete the project within the constraints of the time alocated duration,available budget and prescribed quality standards.In order to achive good deliverables or services in oil and gas industry,Project management should develop a flexible organizational setup to motivate the people engaged to expect the best results and further to maintain a safe and satisfactory working enviroment for the people involved.

Dersin Tanımı

The course aims to teach to petroleum engineering students at various grades the principals of project management as how to manage oil and gas projects in the respective industry.Further ,this cours also target furnish students better to evaluate oil and gas projects economic analysis.Students will learn some project pitfalls and risk takings when and how needed.Time constraints of projects durations in connection with budgeting the projects are also important part of this cours to deliver .

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