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PET 331 - Sondaj Mühendisliği I

Dersin Amaçları

The main objectives of the course to introduce the student
(1) the basic rotary drilling equipment and operational procedures,
(2) the drilling cost evaluation,
(3) the primary functions of drilling fluids and the drilling fluid test prosedures,
(4) the primary objectives of cementing, the cement placement techniques, and cement job design
(5) the subsurface hydraulic forces present in the well,
(6) the rotary drilling bits; selection, operation, evaluation, factors affecting bit wear and drilling speed, and optimization of bit weight and rotary speed,
(7) the primary functions of casing and various types of casing strings,
(8) introduction to directional drilling and deviation control,
(9) ecological and environmental effects of drilling.

Dersin Tanımı

The large investment is needed to drill for oil and gas wells. Many specialized talents are required to drill a well safely and economically. The course provides the students with the basic principles, concepts and models used in drilling engineering to solve problems encountered in a well being drilled. The important concepts are developed from fundamental scientific principles and illustrated with examples. The level of engineering science gradually advances as one proceeds through the course. Drilling cost equations and analysis to make recommendations such as drilling fluid treatment, pump operation, and bit selection are derived. Drilling fluids and their rheological properties are granted. The concept of drilling optimization is introduced. Equations are derived to estimate penetration rate and to terminate a bit run. The relation between the fluid properties and the subsurface hydraulic forces present in the well is acquainted. The primary objectives of cementing and cement placement techniques are presented. The functions of casing in drilling and completing a well are introduced. Reasons for directional drilling and planning and calculating the directional well trajectory are provided.

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