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PET 437E - Sondaj Mühendisliği II

Dersin Amaçları

The main objectives of the course to introduce the student
1. The subsurface hydraulic forces present in the well,
2. Drilling hydraulics,
3. Casing design, special considerations and procedures used in the design of casing strings,
4. Reasons for directional drilling and deviation control,
5. Emerging technologies and applications such as coiled tubing and underbalanced drilling,
6. Ecological and environmental considerations of drilling process.

Dersin Tanımı

An advanced level of PET 331 Drilling Engineering I. The course provides the students with the basic principles, concepts and models used in drilling engineering to solve problems encountered in a well being drilled. The important concepts are developed from fundamental scientific principles and illustrated with examples. Drilling hydraulics, underbalanced drilling, casing design, directional drilling, and emerged technologies subjects are covered.

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