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SBP 252E - Housing and Site Planning

Dersin Amaçları

This course aims to provide you with the knowledge, skills and ethical values that are necessary to analyze and evaluate the housing and shelter problems, housing policies and strategies, development and design of residential areas in balance with the natural and social environment. You will be developing your problem solving skills, your analytical thinking skills and your ability to think holistically and conceptually. You will be provided with knowledge on the critical issues related to site analysis and residential site design, housing problems, the nature of housing policies and housing systems. You will be provided with examples and case studies of various housing projects and their evaluation.

Dersin Tanımı

Problems related to housing, and the quality of residential development are some of the basic issues on the agenda of rapidly urbanizing countries. Sensitive site analysis and design are the prerequisites for sustainable environmental quality. This course will concentrate on both site planning/design techniques and housing systems. Course topics, readings and homeworks will address:
• The nature of site planning as a process, on-site and off-site considerations for sustainable environmental quality
• Demographic structure and density considerations
• Conceptual framework for site development
• Technical issues related to site planning
• The nature and magnitude of the housing problem in Turkey with respect to housing indicators
• The nature and functioning of housing systems in Turkey,
• Contemporary challenges for the design of residential sites.

Fatih Terzi
Fatih Terzi
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