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STR 508E - Günümüz Sanatı

Dersin Amaçları

1. To acquaint students on the multidisciplinary interaction of contemporary art, science, technology and society.
2. To provide basic information on the research and knowledge production of science and contemporary art.
3. To discuss collaborative research conducted by the institutions and actors of contemporary art and science through contemporary artworks.
4. To raise awareness on the relationship of contemporary art, science and technology.
5. To develop critical and creative skills in visual and theoretical thinking.

Dersin Tanımı

This course requires active participation and research. Contemporary artworks, scientific and technological events will be critically discussed in the class by way of visuals and theoretical reading materials.

Regular attendance is obligatory for this course. Students are responsible for reading and thinking about the assigned materials before coming to class, ask specific questions and make criticisms in class discussions.

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