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Dersin Haftalık Planı

Hafta Konu
1 Introduction: International Relations and Beyond
Baylis et.al. “Introduction: From international politics to world politics”
2 Week 2 (Sept 27)
Studying IR
R. Cox “Social Forces, States and World Orders: Beyond International Relations Theory”
M. Wight “Why is there no international theory?”
A. Tickner (2013) “Core, periphery and (neo)imperialist International Relations” European Journal of International Relations
3 Week 3 (Oct 4)
Baylis et.al. Ch2: “The Rise of Modern International Order”
J. Branch (2012) “‘Colonial reflection’ and territoriality: The peripheral origins of sovereign statehood” European Journal of International Relations, 277-297
Gabriella Slomp “On Sovereignty”. In T. Salmon & M. Imber (Eds.) Issues in International Relations
4 Week 4 (Oct 11)
Gender/Man Question in World Politics
Baylis et. al. Ch17: “Gender”
Cohn, Carol, “War, Wimps and Women: Talking Gender and Thinking War”, in: Cooke, Miriam and Angela Woollacott, Gendering war talk (Princeton: Princeton University Press 1993), 277-46.
5 Week 5 (Oct 18)
Race, Colonialism, NeoColonialism
Baylis et. al. Ch 18: Race in World Politics
E. Henderson “Hidden in plain sight: racism in international relations theory”

S. Krishna (2001) “Race, Amnesia, and the Education of International Relations” Alternatives
S. Vucetic (2013) “Black banker, white banker: philosophies of the global colour line”
6 Week 6 (Oct 25)
Baylis et. al. Ch 5: Rising Powers and the Emerging Global Order
A. Morton, D. Bieler Ch7 “Global Capitalism and Rising Powers” in Global Capitalism, Global War, Global Crisis
A. Acharya (2017) “After Liberal Hegemony: The Advent of a Multiplex World Order” Ethics & International Affairs 31(3)
7 Week 7 (Nov 1)
War, Military Affairs
Baylis et al. Ch14: “War and World Politics”
Chamayou “ManHunt”
8 Week 8 (Nov 15)
Baylis et. al. Ch 15: “International and Global Security”
A Ceyhan (2008) “Technologization of Security: Management of Uncertainty and Risk in the Age of Biometrics” Surveillance & Society
C. Aradau (2004) “The Perverse Politics of Four-Letter Words: Risk and Pity in the Securitisation of Human Trafficking” Millennium
Campbell, David, Writing security: United States Foreign Policy and the Politics of Identity, revised edition
(Manchester: Manchester University Press 1998).
9 Week 9 (Nov 22) MIDTERM
10 Week 10 (Nov 29)
International Political Economy
Baylis et. al. Ch 16: “Global Political Economy”
D. Cowen Excerpts from Deadly Life of Logistics Introduction and Ch2 “From National Borders to Global Seams: The Rise of Supply Chain Security”
S. Krishna “Independence or NeoColonialism? Third World Development in the Twentieth Century”
11 Week 11 (Dec 6)
Baylis et. al. Ch 25: Refugees and Forced Migration
V. Squire (2017) “Governing migration through death in Europe and the US: Identification, burial and the crisis of modern humanism” European Journal of International Relations
R. L. Doty “Racism, Desire and the Politics of immigration” Millennium: Journal of International Politics.
12 Week 12 (Dec 13)
Human Rights, Humanitarianism
Baylis et. al. Ch 31: “Human Rights”
Baylis et. al. Ch 32: “Humanitarian Intervention in World Politics”
M. Barnett (2018) “Human rights, humanitarianism, and the practices of humanity” International Theory, 10:3, 314–349
13 Week 13 (Dec 20)
End of the World: Ecological Crisis
Baylis et. al. Ch 24: “Environmental Issues”
Planet Politics: A Manifesto
Chandler et al Rebuttal
14 Week 14 (Dec 27)
Popular Culture and Global Politics
R. Bleiker “The Aesthetic Turn in International Political Theory”
N. Inayatullah “Bumpy Space: Imperialism and Resistance in Star Trek: The Next Generation” in J. Weldes?? “Popular Culture, Science Fiction, and World Politics: Exploring Intertextual Relations” (To Seek Out New Worlds)
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