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Türkçe Bibliography & Research Methodology for Music
İngilizce Bibliography & Research Methodology for Music
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MYL 813E Kredi Ders
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Dersin Amaçları • Learn to find, evaluate, and integrate all types of resources in your music research, including: print materials, digital sources, audio-visual content, archival sources, and reference materials, etc.
• Become proficient at utilizing library catalogs, periodical indexes, notation collections, online databases, reference materials, etc.
• Plan and develop research strategies, questions, and proposals.
• Familiarize yourself with the entire process of research design, and all of its component parts.
• Discover the importance of research skills for your academic career and real-life endeavors
• Become more resourceful
Dersin Tanımı This course aims to give students the tools they need to successfully conduct academic research. Students will become acquainted with the many types of resources available to researchers, and learn how to locate, evaluate, incorporate, and cite materials in their own music research. Research design and essential academic writing skills will form an important part of this course in order to improve students’ ability to effectively develop research questions and topics, and to implement their proposed research in an efficient and productive manner. This course is compulsory for all Masters students, and will provide a foundation of indispensable skills for pursuing music research throughout your academic career.
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