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Dersin Bilgileri

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Türkçe Historical Ethnomusicology (Current Influences in Ethnomusicology)
İngilizce Historical Ethnomusicology
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MYL 586E Kredi Ders
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Dersin Amaçları This class will consist of lectures, discussion, and an historical research ‘laboratory’ for collaborative new research. For this course, students are expected to formulate clearly defined research objectives that are closely related to their doctoral or masters thesis research topics. Students are expected to keep up with the readings, attend all classes, participate in class discussions, complete required assignments, and participate in a collaborative research project.
Dersin Tanımı This class will explore the theoretical premises and methods used in the field of Historical Ethnomusicology by surveying recent studies on the history of Byzantine, Ottoman, Persian, and Hindustani music. We will take a comparative approach to analyzing current research in order to see how different scholars approach the historical development of music. We will explore the disciplines of historiography, paleography, and codicology in order to better understand how historical narratives are created and perpetuated through inter-related oral traditions and written texts. Topics to be covered include the processes of canonization, classicization, and musical innovation that have shaped the retrospective musical histories as written by contemporary scholars. This course will also function as a working group and forum for new collaborative research, and all students are expected to actively engage in new research pertaining to their areas of interest.
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