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Dersin Bilgileri

Dersin Adı
Türkçe Kantitatif Karar Teknikleri
İngilizce Quantitative Decision Techniq.
Dersin Kodu
ISS 500E Kredi Ders
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3 - - -
Dersin Dili İngilizce
Dersin Koordinatörü Ferhan Çebi
Dersin Amaçları The objective of this course is
1.to teach quantitative decision techniques and the application of these techniques.
2. to provide a scientific and managerial perspective for model building, solving, and analyzing the real life problems in both manufacturing and service sector.
Dersin Tanımı Introduction to Quantitive Analysis (QA), Introduction to Lineer Programming (LP), Basic Definitions and Assumptions of LP, The Forms of LP, Formulating LP Problems, Formulating LP Problems, The Graphical Solution of LP, The Simplex Method, the Big M Method, Economic Interpretation of Simplex Table, Economic Interpretation of Simplex Table , Sensivity Analysis, Economic Interpretation of the Dual Problem, Computer Appplication,Transportation Models: Introduction to Transportation Models, Balanced and Unbalanced Transportation Models, Improved Starting Solution of Transportation Problems, Solution Techniques of Transportation Models, Assignment and Transshipment Models, Goal Programming, Data Envelopment Analysis, Analytic Hierarchy Process, Decision Theory, Presentation of Projects.
Dersin Çıktıları Students who will successfully complete this course will be able
I. to identify the problems and the systems required for decision making with the variables, constraints and objectives,
II. to build mathematical models for the problems and systems,
III. to solve the models by using the algorithms and techniques,
IV. to evaluate and interpret the results obtained from the solutions
V. to search and learn how to use different quantitative techniques in managerial decision making,
VI. to solve and analyze the real life problems.
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Gereken Olanaklar
Ders Kitabı B. Render, R. M. Stair Jr. and M. E. Hanna, Quantitative Analysis for Management, 10th Edition, Prentice Hall, USA,
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